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Metric pop up in Sitecatalyst need some tweak


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In SiteCatalyst, when you click Add Metric, there is a pop up that shows a list of metrics with a drop down and a search filter.  


Now that there are 1000 custom metrics, it's time to make some tweak. I think we should start by categorizing metrics.


The following category should be applied to metrics, and appear in the metric drop-down, so user can select the category to immediately see what's available in that category.  It will also help educate users on what's out-of-the-box, and what's customized.  


Standard Metric:

This includes Page View, Visit, Unique Visitor, Bounce Rate...etc, you know what I mean, all of the out-of-the-box one.  I suggest to add Page View Per Visit, and Visits Per Visitor as two new standard metric, since they are probably the most created calculated metrics anyway.


Caculated Metrics

-Same as before


Video Metrics

-same as before


Commerce Metrics(This is a standard name, but we should let admin add any custom metrics to this category)


Custom Category(admin should be able to create their own categories).


By letting admin to create metric category, users have a better idea of what metrics are relevant to the current dimension they are looking at.  For example, when user is in the Internal Search Keyword report, he can just select the 'Internal Search' metric category created by admin, and see a list of metrics that admin has defined  for this report, such as Searches, No Result Searches...etc.  

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With the latest release of Adobe Analytics we added a new metrics selector that allows you to search and filter metrics much more easily. Admin can create their own tags (which can be filtered in the selector).