Make Visits available by default for all Reports

csutter3 14-02-2010

While there is a need for the concept of Instances as a metric, Visits is a much more common metric needed in Conversion Reports.  Visits should be an out-of-the-boxb default metric for any type of report. Currently requires calls to ClientCare for each prop/eVar report.

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gerardlindeboom 14-02-2010

and the same for Unique Visitors

mschubert1 15-02-2010

Visit is a must ....

jdnyland 19-02-2010
maurette 09-03-2010

I agree with the Unique visitors

robmorrow 30-03-2010

I agree entirely that Unique Visitors and Visits should be a default metric for all reports.

_aablank 01-04-2010

I think this is too arbitrary of a request.  It really should be defaulted based on the type of report and then the admin should be able to adjust by report.

jdnyland 25-08-2010
jdnyland 25-08-2010
The Visits metric is currently available for all reports in our v15 Beta.
benjamingaines2 07-04-2011
Visits is available in the overwhelming majority of reports in SiteCatalyst 15.
kumararajak 07-10-2019

Thanks for this