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Make segments easily accessible on every report suite


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With the introduction of the new segments the predefined segments unfortunately disappeared.

Now it's possible to create approved segments and share them with everybody, but if the segment was not created for that specific report suite it is not directly visible. Only after unticking "(Only) {Report Suite Name}" all other Segments are visible, so it takes more clicks (and time) than before.

If we want back the state from before (so select a segment like "Visits from Mobile Devices" or "First Time Visits" with just 2 clicks) we are forced to create those segments for each report suite. Obviously we are not going to do that for hundreds of Report Suites.

I want an option to make certain segments available immediately when clicking "Show Segments" on every report suite.



Level 2


@benjamingaines , I definitely vote for unchecking "(only) [Report Suite Name]" box by default.

we usually create most of our segments so they can be generic to any of our RS and it doesn't make sense to duplicate them, or even ask all our users to remember to uncheck the box to find a segment