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Make Referring Domains classifiable via SAINT


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I would like the ability to classify my referring domains (i.e. external, internal, social media, B2B, etc) without having to use the Source of Traffic VISTA rule.  Currently, I am wasting a prop to accomplish this.



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I second that.


Since we use MarketLive for three of our e-commerce sites, customizations aren't easily done (or are too expensive). We do not have access to VISTA, so that option isn't even an "option" for me.


My issue was tracking Ad Server domains. I ended up adding a Marketing Channel with ~2,500 domains added to several processing rules. It seems to work, but Classifications would have been better, for multiple reasons.  


I'm also tracking our other websites (35 total), and the ability to classify those as well would be nice. Again, I'm using a Marketing Channel. In all, I'm using 4 separate Marketing Channels for referring domains for multiple (yet similar) purposes.


Also, you can't break down the Marketing Channel reports by much of anything useful.


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Shocked that I was unable to do this, after needing to do this in a suite that does not have access to Discover.


This seems to be a simple change that would add a lot of value - as we could then use the classified data on dashboards.