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Make instances available in Data Warehouse


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Make instances an available metric for data warehouse reporting.  If it's in the regular UI it should be in DW too.



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This would be very handy for me so I can get accurate counts of my custom link text in Data Warehouse. I can get accurate counts of them in Site Catalyst, but the metric is instances.


Trying to count them in Data Warehouse the only metrics I can use are visits or page views. Since custom link text is associated with an event, the page views and visits metrics are not correct.


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I just came across this same issue today, and I'm not happy. Actually, now that I see that Omniture's known about this for almost half a year...I'm even less happy! 


Any eVar that keeps count of something has the Instances metric. Think "Site Search Terms". Why in the world would Omniture offer this metric in SiteCatalyst but not in Data Warehouse?


Any Omniture folks care to comment or (better yet) commit?




It's in there. Go to Metrics > Custom Insight. You should see "Instances of eVarN" for every eVar you've got enabled. However, I sense that you're asking for Instances as a generic metric, not specific to whether an eVar was fired or not. So I am changing this to "Partially Implemented."