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Limit Admin Settings "Transfer" feature




Currently, if an admin wants to transfer a bookmark and a segment in his/her admin profile to a specific user, this qill result in transferring all of admin's account settings and inadvertently granting Admin access to the specific user. If an admin doesn't want to copy the admin settings over to a non-admin user, he/she will have to setup another user who's settings is ok with transferring and recreate the bookmark & segments intended for transferring to non-admin users purposes. 


However, I’d like to point out that the Transfer settings screen is somewhat confusing since individual items under bookmarks & segments section have checkboxes next to them, which one would assume only those items checked would be transferred to a user. And it also is a bit of a pain for the admin to maintain another non-admin user setting for the purpose of transferring bookmarks and segments. Would be a lot easier for admin user to be able to select specific bookmarks or segments  without inadverdently transferring all of admin privileges.