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Lightroom AI Generative fill to replace clone / heal tool


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Why is this feature important to you?

This feature is crucial to me because it would greatly improve my workflow and make creating proof galleries much easier and faster. The current cloning/healing tool in Lightroom is extremely ineffective and does a terrible job at cloning. Having the AI generative fill feature would allow me to effortlessly extend or fill areas of a photo, eliminating the frustrations and limitations of the current tool.


How would you like the feature to work?

Ideally, I would like the feature to function similarly to Photoshop. I envision being able to select a specific area using a marquee tool and then simply clicking a "generative fill" option to initiate the cloning or healing process. This would provide a seamless and efficient way to address areas that need editing.


Current Behavior:

Currently, the healing and cloning tool in Lightroom is far from satisfactory. Even when attempting to select and clone from a particular area, the results are poorly blended and look unprofessional. Additionally, the tool often lags, causing further frustration and hindering the editing process.


Furthermore, the addition of this tool would significantly enhance my workflow by eliminating the need to open each individual image in Photoshop. This would be especially beneficial when I only require quick fills or edits for a proof gallery. The generative fill feature in Lightroom would allow me to accomplish these tasks efficiently within the program itself, saving me valuable time and effort.

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