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Last successful login - displayed to the user


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Hi all, 


it is a standard functionality in many applications already, to display the last successful login data+time, during each users consecutive logins.


For Adobe Analytics, it is only possible to see the last login date of each user in the admin logs right now.


It would be great if we could display this information to the end-users directly during login.

Users should be aware when the last login with their own account was performed, so that they can detect potential malicious activity immediately.

Additionally, it would help if we could display/configure a custom login message together with the date+time information.


I post this under Adobe Analytics, but generally this would be a great feature for the entire Experience Cloud.








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Yes, the Admin logs have a time and date column that lists the person and the successful login for each time the user logged in. I do not see anywhere that the last login event is presented to the account holders.


That being said, we have never (in 18 years) had an issue where displaying the last log in to the account holder would have helped mitigate this issue. I am assuming you did. Can you share details?


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Hey, this request is actually based on a new security requirement from our company, for all apps, where individual logins are performed.


The idea is that each user gets enabled to identify potential malicious activity with their own account. 

E.g. if somebody else highjacked your account and performed a login with your user

- lets say, on the weekend or out of business hours - you would be able identify this.