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Keep date filter settings the same in Discover when choosing new segment filter


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As a new Discover user, I find it strange that the tool changes the date filter when I change segments. 


Often times, I'll copy a report into the same workspace so that I can keep everything about the report the same (table metrics, date period), but view for a different segment.  For example:


Workspace:  Quarter (3 months of data total)


1.  Create report for March only (a subset of all available data in project), no segments ("Total" report)

2.  Copy report into same workspace

3.  Put filter for "Men purchasers' over table to get a segmented report


At step 3, once I put a filter on the report, the default behavior is to reset the report over entire time period, instead of keeping the time period from the original copied report.


Want: Create 'Men purchasers' report for March

Get:  'Men Purchasers' report for Entire Quarter

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