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intranet site visits http://intra reported a referring type = "Typed/Bookmarked" instead of "Other Web Sites"



Description - our intranet site visits from http://intra are reported a referring type = "Typed/Bookmarked instead" of "Other Web Sites" , although when using UTM codes and looking at the previous pages we can definitively see traffic pages from the intranet site (actual intranet pages showing up). I wonder if because there are no "." in the "domain", AA does not consider the visits as coming from another website (no valid domain as per rule established) and just default to "Typed/Bookmarked".

Why is this feature important to you - data consistency / we monitor portions of traffic coming from our intranet.

How would you like the feature to work - When there is a previous page known, the referring type should be Other Web Sites when not pre-established as an another type such as Search Engine.

Current Behaviour - intranet traffic reported as Typed/Bookmarked