Inline Classification Editing



Often times, I look at a Classification report and see values that have been misclassified.  Currently, the process is to download the rows that are misclassified, update the SAINT table and upload to SiteCatalyst.  I am not sure if this woudl ever be possible, but it would be great if you could edit a row that is misclassified right in the SiteCatalyst report and then have SiteCatalyst figure out what "Key" row items need to be updated and update them for you instead of having to go through the entire SAINT process.

For example, in the Classification report below, I inadvertantly added an extra space to the "> 100 Pages Viewed" Classification (appears twice).  I'd love to be able to fix the last entry in the report to make it like the 1st row without having to do a ton of work...