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Increase Functionality of Channel Overview Report in Marketing Channel Manager


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It is a great tool, but I'd like to see more flexibility in the Marketing Channel Manager to accomodate sites that are less conversion-oriented. Specifically, I'd like to see the Channel Overview Report expanded to allow it to be subrelated similar to the first touch/last touch reports.


My goal is to be able to analyze total traffic to individual pages or segments of a site by marketing channel - essentially making it a "referrer type" report on steroids.. Currently, I can do this, but only using "first touch" or "last touch" - not "all traffic".

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Level 9


As a media site, we want to be able to see the channels driving to various sections of the site or for a given page. In other words, broken down by custom traffic variables. So if I am the person responsible for our Health Center section, I want to see the channel report for that set of pages.

In addition, as a media site one of our key metrics is Page Velocity (the number of pages seen after setting the value). Apparently participation metrics cannot be populated by channel because it is basically a sub-relation and participation metrics are not available in sub-relations.