I am currently making a few hundred segments in Ad Hoc, and I would like to see a functionality to import them from excel.


It is cumbersome in Ad Hoc to right click the segment I am duplicating, triple clicking to highlight the information, type/paste new information, then clicking the menu, save as, clicking in the box, highlighting, typing/pasting a new name, then clicking save. In the save as menu, I typically don't want to change the segment type, but I always want to change the segment name (that is the whole idea behind 'save as'); why not have it default to that box, and automatically highlight all text inside of it?


It is also difficult that changing a dropdown menu erases the text. I don't always want that.


Site Catalyst has difficulties with any characters with accent marks (like the one that should be in Mexico or Jose - in the 'e' of both), and those characters have disappeared from my classifications.