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Fix / Speedup Data Warehouse Request Manager


Level 10


The current DW Request Manager is particularly slow to use or manage requests especially when you need to move requests for priority.  If you have one that is say in the 14th position and need to move up.  You have to repeat the following steps EACH time:


1, Change view from 10 to 20 items

2, Click move up 1 notch

3, watch entire page reload

4, Repeat steps 1-3


Please speed this up, make the screen remember setting, and perhaps finally move to a more common method of re-ordering items where we could simply directly enter/update the rank order number of each item then hit submit to move items in one step.


Same idea would apply to changing bookmark and dashboard ordering, etc. too

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Level 1


Here are some timings.

  • Bring up Request Manger: 10 sec
  • Hit Next to bring up the next page: 18 sec
  • Bring up Request Detail: 6 sec

I have seen many times be much longer.