Fix SAINT web-upload timeouts



When uploading SAINT files through the web UI it times-out in ~50% of the uploads. No matter if the file is 10kB (~100 items) or bigger. There is no way to see if the file is being processed correctly. (Although is does in most cases).

Please fix this timeout. If the upload takes 5min, show the status after 5min.

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We appreciate this submission, and the votes indicating the importance of this fix. I agree that this is a major frustration.


However, please keep in mind that the Idea Exchange is designed for feature requests only; we are not set up to prioritize product issues based on Idea Exchange submissions. This is definitely a problem with the functionality of the product currently, and not a new feature, so I am going to close voting on this idea for now.


Please continue to work with ClientCare and your Account Manager on open support issues.