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Fallout Setting - Hide/Show Volumes


Level 3


Can we add a setting to the Fallout Viz to hide/show the actual volumes that appear under each step (the visits/visitors)? Hiding these would mean that the viz only shows the fallout/fallthrough percentages (on the chart and in the pop-ups).

The volumes NEVER match figures elsewhere in a dashboard. Whilst I appreciate the steps are sequential, if I have a Freeform table with "Page A" as the dimension and Visits as the metric, and then I create a Fallout where the first step is "Page A" and its set to use Visits, the numbers don't match, even for this initial step when there's nothing else in the fallout viz.

As a result, this is the #1 subject for queries I get... why don't the numbers match those shown in a freeform table elsewhere in the dashboard - and it makes users query the accuracy of Adobe Analytics entirely. Whilst I've tried everything to get them to match they never do. And as the main feature of the fallout is to look at conversion and fallout providing a feature to make viewers focus on the % figures rather than volumes would greatly help.