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Expose the Adobe Analytics Data Dictionary in the Adobe Analytics API - Feature Request


Level 4



A few months ago, Adobe added a new feature to Analysis Workspace that exposed a data dictionary.



We use the Analytics API often and would like to have the Data Dictionary data exposed in the Analytics API. Currently, the data in the data dictionary is unavailable to the API. Extracting this data would be valuable for documentation and internal reporting. 


By exposing the Data Dictionary data in the AA API, we can streamline the governance of our data collection components and report on relationships between components. (components typically used with selected components)


We will also be able to perform the following programmatically:

  • Identify duplicate components that need to be consolidated.
  • Identify components that aren’t collecting any data so they can be either updated or deleted.
  • Identify components that are not yet approved.
  • Update component descriptions directly in Adobe Analysis API so that any updates made to the component descriptions in the Data Dictionary are reflected in the Report Suite.


We want AA API access to the following:

  • Component Type, 
  • Description, 
  • Approved/Unapproved, 
  • Frequently Used With, 
  • Similar To, 
  • Tags. 

Thank you for your consideration