Enable Wider "Nodes" in the Flow Navigation Charts

timwilson7 16-01-2019

The nodes in the flow navigation reports only display ~12 characters (not counting the ellipses). Even if using props that are succinctly named, this generally isn't enough to actually read without mousing over one by one. It certainly is unhelpful for pageName.

If more space is available, the nodes could be quite a bit wider, while the "flows between nodes" could be a lot narrower.

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timwilson7 08-02-2019

I recently hopped back into Ad Hoc Analysis after not having been in it for a long time. The flow visualizations there did a much better job of balancing the node width vs. the "path" real estate.


Does text wrapping solve this problem timwilson7​? It's a setting called "Wrap labels". I will pass the node column width feedback along to team here as well!

timwilson7 22-10-2019

Why...yes. Yes it does! Wider nodes would allow for fewer rows required when the wrapping happens. But I just tried Wrap Labels and that substantially addresses the issue.