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EMEA Datacenter (privacy)


Level 6


it is getting more and more important for Adobe to have an EMEA Datacenter to align with the increasing privacy requirements esp. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our customers have a increasing demand for it.

Additionally, privacy is becoming an important strategic USP of the competitive WA providers, some of them promoting "Certification according to European Privacy Requirements including data storage within EU". Please build up an EMEA Datacenter as soon as possible.



Level 10



JFYI: To meet the upcoming IP-storage nonsense in Germany, you can request IP removal at ClientCare since IP Obfuscation is non-compliant.


Level 4


Please add to this request a Australasian SiteCatalyst collection data centre.


We are currently routed through the newly opened Japanese collection centre instead of the US, but this only cuts the distance from most of our users to collection and back from 10,500 km to 8,800 km. There will always be latency on these sorts of calls.


By comparison, there has been local collection servers for Nielsen NetRatings products in both New Zealand and Australia for  at least 5 years.