you just need the permissions - ask an admin to turn it on for you... or do you already have the permission and there is a "bug" in the permission management?

eddieatNYU 07-08-2019

as far i know, there is no such permission

joe_gtb 09-08-2019

By admin do you mean the person who created the segment? In most cases you don't have to be an admin to create a segment (permissions vary per account). Now if you want to modify a segment that was shared with you, you can't do that. You either 'Save As' the segment and modify it, which will create a new segment or ask the original owner to modify it. If the original owner is no longer an active account you can transfer the segment to your account, but an Admin will have to do that.

Balaji_V 12-08-2019

Adobe can Create an option "Edit" while sharing the segments 

eddieatNYU 12-08-2019

yes, that is the gap

eddieatNYU 12-08-2019

would be awesome! you shouldn't have to be admin to edit segments.