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ECID available at launch load


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Description -

Why is this feature important to you

- ECID is the backbone of AEP, providing a way to consolidate all activity through to one "person". Through profile stitching, ECID is a great feature that we can use (and not have to re-invent the entire fingerprint / visit / user consolidation).


How would you like the feature to work

- Upon loading Launch.js library, ECID should already be resolved (via server side cookie? or available as a property within _satellite), so that ECID can be read immediately and incorporated into custom XDM for initial pageView / sendEvent -- so that downstream services can read custom XDM field.


Current Behaviour

- In order to obtain ECID, a separate and async request (alloy getIdentity) must be made, which causes a delay, which has an affect on Adobe Target "flicker" -- since we have to await ECID so that any Target Activities and/or other applications (AEP) that need ECID are gaurenteed to have ECID resolved and exposed in the XDM.

- This generally only affects 1st time visitors that don't have ECID and/or when cookies deleted (we can read ECID from AMCV cookie).

- However, a lot of marketing efforts are based on 1st time visitors.

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Hello Bob, 

I have experience ECID stitching taking time for the second or third time logins also,

Say I created a profile today and logged out. And tomorrow I'm logging in to a different browser or in incognito mode, this generates a new ECID and again takes time to get stiched.

Could you please confirm this async request can be the point to be considered in this situation as well.

Also, in case if you have any Adobe documentation related to it, Could you please share it.


Thank you so much in advance!