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ECID available at launch load


Level 2


Description -

Why is this feature important to you

- ECID is the backbone of AEP, providing a way to consolidate all activity through to one "person". Through profile stitching, ECID is a great feature that we can use (and not have to re-invent the entire fingerprint / visit / user consolidation).


How would you like the feature to work

- Upon loading Launch.js library, ECID should already be resolved (via server side cookie? or available as a property within _satellite), so that ECID can be read immediately and incorporated into custom XDM for initial pageView / sendEvent -- so that downstream services can read custom XDM field.


Current Behaviour

- In order to obtain ECID, a separate and async request (alloy getIdentity) must be made, which causes a delay, which has an affect on Adobe Target "flicker" -- since we have to await ECID so that any Target Activities and/or other applications (AEP) that need ECID are gaurenteed to have ECID resolved and exposed in the XDM.

- This generally only affects 1st time visitors that don't have ECID and/or when cookies deleted (we can read ECID from AMCV cookie).

- However, a lot of marketing efforts are based on 1st time visitors.