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Dynamic Dropdown-Filters


Level 2


It should be possible to make the drop-down filter items in workspace update dynamically. For example, if you want all items from the dimension "website country" in the filter, and when new countries sites were added, they should appear automatically in the filter list. 


This is needed because currently we have to constantly update all filters in all dashboards manually, when new items appear in a dimension. There can be several cases with website countries, languages, user company names etc.

For me it would be enough when there is an option like "add all dimension items to filter" when I pull a dimension to the filter box. And then the filter should have a setting like "update automatically".


Current behavior is that, when you want to add a new dimension item to an existing filter, you have to search for the dimension, choose all the dimension items again (plus the new one), and replace the existing filter. So it is even not possible to simply add the new item. For our normal Analytics users this is too advanced.