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Dropdown filter with all values at all times


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Right now when you create a dropdown filter, it contains the set of items you select when creating it. For some props/evars it would be great if the dropdown filter contained all the values in that dimension dynamically at all times. So when adding a new value to that prop/evar, it will also directly be in all dropdown filters that you created.

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I fully agree that this would be very useful.

but keep in mind that it might not be possible or very hard to get the right items to show up. why? just assuming: since the project does not really know what items you want and might return too much dimensions, maybe even dimensions which are not useful at all... the reason is (at least I think it is this way) that at the moment when the dropdown elements are fetched from database, the project is not able to apply any filters (or only the static filters from the dropdown zone at the top.

just an example, look what dimension items you get when you select one dimension in the left panel (click > to see the items). mostly there are a bunch of items I don't really need in the current project.

but it might work for those dimensions where you have just a few items in a dimension and you want all to appear as dropdown options.

hope somebody from adobe has a good idea on how to solve this and we get this feater very soon