Discover/Ad-Hoc: transfer segment ownership between users



The option exists to transfer segment ownership from user to user in SiteCatalyst 15, but not in Discover/Ad-Hoc. 


Some of those (shared) segments are used in report builder, sitecatalyst and data warehouse, and they are linked to those various reports or data feeds via their internal ID number. Without the ability to transfer ownership the segments not only need to be recreated, but also re-selected and applied to all reports/views/feeds that depend on them.


Please add this basic functionality and make segments more manageable.

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Great suggestion. This is something we are working on. Initially this will only apply to the case of deleted users. When an admin user deletes another user, he/she will have the option of inheriting the deleted user's segments in ad hoc analysis (Discover).



Hello Benjamin,


That is good to hear!

What is the ETA to release this initial functionality with deleted users? In addition, can it also include deactivated (expired) users?


Kind regards, 

Paul Ladru



This is now available with the Adobe Analytics Spring 2014 release! Segment ownership is not transferred directly, but recipients of a shared segment can create a copy for themselves to own. Also, admins can operate on other users' segments.