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Cross Sell Report with SAINT


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We are identifying our products with SiteCatalyst via a product ID number and defining product attributes such as name, class and brand via a SAINT classification feed. However the product>cross sell report shows products by ID which is not business user friendly by default. I would like for it to be possible to define a saint correlation for the cross sell report so we can show product name by default.



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Completly agree!


It's such a total waste of an otherwise excellent report. Unless one is called Rainman, this report is useless. Nobody goes around remembering all the various keys/SKU/EAN/gtin/PNM values etc.




Great points, everyone. Thank you for the discussion.


While I can guess at what they are, can you talk about your key use cases and the impact of not having them solved? For example, would you just use this report to find products to promote together? And how do you make that decision without this report?