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Create links to reports within custom menus


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I would like to be able to copy an existing report to another location within the menu structure, without actually having to create a duplicate of the report itself.  Currently a report can only "live" in one place.



  • Let's say I have a user who's always looking in the Visitor Profile menu folder for the Daily Unique Visitors report.  They would like it to be displayed here, but I don't want to just move it there because of all the users who look for it under its default home of Site Metrics > Visitors.
  • Ideally, I could just create a copy of this menu option (aka a duplicate link to the report) under Visitor Profile.
  • It would also be nice if I could rename this duplicate link.


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In the meantime, until this gets implemented, you could create bookmarks within a bookmark folder for links to the reports your user is having a hard time locating. Then your users could look in the bookmark folder without having to worry about which section of the SC UI contains there report.




Really interesting idea, Shawn. Thanks for submitting. Do you worry at all about cluttering the UI for your users? Or do you think the upside of having everything available where they expect it outweighs that concern?