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Constraints in Dashboard Page Size


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Currently in SiteCatalyst you can create dashboards to hold various reports that you want to review on a regular basis.  In our company we have a set of reports in a dashboard that pertain to the current month and past months.  When we run our reports we like to see it graphically, for a quick overview, and in detail below so that we can see the specific information for each date.  When you enter a report into your dashboard, and have a graph with it, the details will be cut off around the 16th day of the month.  Even if we split the report into two, one page with the graph and the next with the details, we are still only seeing 30 of the possible 31 days.  The only solution to this is to only us a portrait format to our reporting. It would be nice if SiteCatalyst had a way that we could say how many items we wanted to see in the report and then they adjusted the size to fit all of our required dates, or rows, of a report.

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I think this is a great idea, kmoll.

Even when I build a Dashboard in portrait A4, I can't fit a 31-day monthly reportlett on one page. It cuts off at day 29 usually, and I'll have to either double the pages of the report (so that the graph has its own colum, and the data has its own column - all on one page), or I have to pull two reports for that month (part 1 and part 2).


Since these Dashboards are usually only constrained to soft copies, would it be possible to just add in a larger paper size option in addition to letter and A4?