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Color blind support


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Having moved from 13.5 to 14, I've discovered that the color palette of V14 is incredibly difficult for color blind people to read. It's all greens and browns which is the worst possible choice for us. Approximately 8% of the population have some form of color deficiency (so 8% of the Omniture customer base are having issues.)


There are a number of things you could do:


1) change your palette for graphics to be color blind friendly - there are many online resources that describe the simple steps you can take to do this.

2) use other cues in addition to colors (dashes, line thicknesses etc) to indicate differences in data (useful regardless of color perception)

3) Allow users to specify their own palettes


For example - the two trend lines in most graphs for 4 weeks and 52 weeks prior, are virtually indistinguishable to me. Changing one of these lines to include some blue or brighter yellow would make things markedly better.

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Seeing as only 8% of us suffer this issue, I doubt this will get many more upvotes. I see this post is more than 5 years old, but the issue remains the same. I too am red-green color blind and the trendlines in the 4 and 52 week comparison charts are the exact same color to me.


Personally I wouldn't need options to change the colors, but a color blind friendly pallet as suggested above would be very helpful.


Hopfully this can be addressed in a future update.