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CJA - Granular color control for individual visualizations


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Description -

Why is this feature important to you -  Allowing users to change individual line colors in graphs is essential for clear data visualization. This feature enhances the distinction between multiple datasets, making it easier to identify trends and patterns at a glance.  Additionally, for a large business with multiple Lines of Businesses, customizable colors, enable better alignment with branding guidelines, creating visually consistent and professional reports.

How would you like the feature to work - Being able to say lock "Value X" to blue, and "Value Y" to red across all visualizations (regardless of which one has the highest count), or just being able to make specific visualizations look better and to match our different brands' colors by adjusting their colours specifically would be a fundamental feature.

Current Behaviour -  You cannot change individual visualizations.  What one can do is change the colour palette for the entire project.

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@Rudina, I'm glad someone else has again submitted this idea.  It proves that Adobe still needs to address this fundamental issue.


@seanrobinson - is it still possible to combine this along with the idea I submitted a while back.   We need all the visibility for this idea that we can get. 


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