Change Adobe Analytics Report Navigation Back!




In the Adobe Analytics interface, the reports menu navigation used to be designed to expand sub-reports with a popup navigation.  Recently, the Adobe Analytics design has been changed.  Now when you click on it, it slides to the next submenu listing, and the previous/parent listing is no longer visible.


I don't know who's idea it was to change how the report navigation works, but this change SUCKS.  It makes it a LOT harder to find reports and know where you are in general.  As an Adobe Partner, I hear this same complaint from MANY clients.  


PLEASE change it back or else offer a way for us to have the old way back via some config setting! 

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I just want to add my voice here. I completely agree!


I'm sure Adobe made this change so the navigation works better on tablet interfaces, but what percentage of people are doing the majority of their analytics work on a tablet?


PLEASE bring back the pop-out nested navigation. It's a nightmare trying to navigate the custom reports section now, or any other infrequently used section of the navigation that I don't have memorized.


I'm supposed to remember that the report I need is in Custom Reports 41-50?



I have also had complaints from users who are less than every day users. I think the issue is the the fly-out version allowed users to quickly scan the structure, to know both where they were and where they might need to go. The new menu requires users have a stronger pre-knowlege of the struture. The trade-off is, of course, that sometimes the fly-out ran off the bottom of the page.




Hi guys,  if you agree with this post, please upvote it! I've heard rumors that usually Adobe won't consider or even read stuff unless it reaches a certain amount of votes, and this change continues to aggravate myself and many others every day!



Thank you for this idea. We are working actively on additional nav improvements that will be better than both the current navigation and the previous navigation. We are currently in user testing, and if you would like to participate please feel free to email me ( We will not be simply reverting back to the previous navigation, in part because our feedback shows that, although it was familiar, few users viewed that as the ideal navigation experience for Adobe Analytics.



@Ben at least make sure menus don't disappear when they are used. This new menu structure is unusable.



Obviously, we did not change it back, but we did redesign the navigation based on your (collective) feedback, based on user data, and based on a number of usability tests. Based on this approach, we are confident that the vast majority of users will benefit from the new nav.