Cancel data load option for each tab in each workspace in Ad Hoc Analysis (formerly Discover) tool



Ad Hoc Analysis (formerly Discover) tool lets me open only one project at a time with multiple workspaces in each and further multiple tabs in each workspace, which is great to organize an analysis.


The problem is when I am done with the work today and open the project tomorrow. If the project is huge with multiple workspces with many tabs in each workspace, then it takes more than a couple of hours to load the data in the project. Till that time, It's not possible to create a new tab and continue with my analysis as the queries in the other tabs are in queue. Many a times, I get 309 error in multiple tabs.


I'd request a Cancel data load option for each tab in the workspace so that I can choose to skip the data load for the tabs that are not relevant temporarily and not close them & lose them permanently.


Or, better still, there should be a way to save the project with data so that when I open it the next day, the data loads from the project file automatically with a flag that says the data is from the previous project save and not current.


This idea will hugely reduce the load on Ad hoc tool a lot.