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Bring Context Data and List Variables to the Adobe Analytics Launch Extension


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Description -

Today in the Adobe Analytics Launch Extension, we can't manage Context Data variables or List Variables in the same way we can manage eVars or props but only through Custom Code. However, both types of variables are very important to Adobe Analytics customers. For example, on adobe.com, we can't see any direct mapping to props and eVars in the frontend but only Context Data.

Why is this feature important to you -

Managing variables through Custom Code is error prone, often separate from the rest of the variables, and much more cumbersome than using the "normal" frontend of the Launch Extension. Having both in the regular list of variables would make managing them much smother and quicker, especially for users who are not comfortable with using Custom Code.

How would you like the feature to work -

Extend the variable list with a section for List Variables and Context Data.

Current Behaviour -

Much Custom Code and tears.