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Better SAINT error messages on uploads


Level 10


When you upload data to SAINT, there are many cases where rows of data will not upload.  I would like to have SAINT produce a file that lists the rows of data that did not process and append the reason why the row did not upload.  This would help troubleshoot SAINT upload issues.



Level 2


Now there is only a ranked view showing the fallout of the complete period. It would be an asset to see how the fallout changed in time. Now you can compare two periods and hope to see a difference there. But it would be wonderful to see how the fallout changed through time over a given period. For each step, see example I attached.


Especially useful when you optimize your forms, to see whether the change resulted in a higher conversion rate. Not just after the change, but constantly thereafter.


Level 10


Looking at graphic below it would be hard to tell there were errors with the upload file - yet alone what the issue was.  Please add meaningful error messages to SAINT to help us debug issues.


TIP: This issue was in fact due to one extra column of data beyond defined classifications - if you see 0, 0, 0 too at some point...


UPDATE:  This is basically same idea as Adams IDEA: Better SAINT debugging


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Level 1


I would like to have trend data of the fallout report, so that we can evaluate the performance of the fallout defined on different periods.
The data we would like to track and compare for different periods are:
- total conversion
- total fallout
- conversion % summary


This would help the conversion time analysis of important online processes.