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Benchmarks for multiple Segments


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it was very helpful that Adobe made it possible to create segments by combining several segments within the segments selection area.

In that way I was able to delete many segments and to combine them by chosen them.

In that way you don’t need to have a segment for the customer group “age 30-39” and “more than 2 orders” and another one for e.g. “age 50-39” and “more than 2 orders”.

It makes the list of segments way more clear. But there is a big problem as soon as you want to make a benchmark between different segments.

For example you want to compare the segments “age 30-39” and “more than 2 orders” with “age 50-39” and “more than 2 orders”. You can click and select the first one. For the benchmark you need to use the “”Compare to Segment"-function. Within this function you can now just choose one segment and not the combination of several segments.

That takes the flexibility of the click and select function for segments before. To compare the segments you need to do workaround like breakdowns or building segments. They take time again and are more complicated to understand and even more prone to failure.


Cheers from Germany


Roman Sommerkorn