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Be able to choose how many items to breakdown in Discover table builder


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In the current version of the Discover table builder, you can select a max of 10 items to break down. I would like an option to be able to select more than 10 items. A senario that happened yesterday is one of my co-workers built a discover report and wanted to break down 90 records by the first 5 items. In the table builder he could choose the top 10 items with a max of 5 records for each row. Then he could select the next 80 records and do the breakdown, but the breakdown has the top 10 items instead of the top 5. So now he has to go in manually and adjust the 80 items to be the top 5 instead of the top 10. This is a very manual process. Being able to select more than 10 items to breakdown would speed up the time to run the report to allow for faster analytics.

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