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Associate dashboards with a master template dashboard


Level 7


I often find I need to create the many of the same dashboards with different segments applied to each. SiteCatalyst has a pretty good process in place for the inital set-up of such dashboards. I create my "master" dashboard, then apply the required segments and save each individual dashboard. Job done. However if I then want to go back and change all dashboards I have 2 options. 1) I can edit each individual dashboard or 2) I can edit the master dashboard and re save each dashboard again applying the segments as I go. Both of these options seem a little long winded especially when you have 50+ dashboards of this nature. So it would be great if we could associate these dashboards to a master dashboard and they reflect any change made to the master dashboard. Might be an edge case but I am sure I am not the only one who finds this type of dashboard building very time consuming.



Level 2


In SC 14, there was a ton more options for creating, copying, and editing dashboards. I miss the "copy" function that let you copy everything but apply a new report suite.


Additionally, I miss being able to run a report from a dashboard, edit it, and then apply that change to the dashboard.


This functionality was so helpful. Do users not use dashboards? I wonder why some of this was lower-priority for SC 15.