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Annotations for Calculated Metrics


Level 2


Description - I think it would be handy if a calculated metric indicated an annotation when one of the metrics inside the calculated metric has an annotation. Having to add calculated metrics to the annotation list can be cumbersome, and users across our enterprise may have made their own calculated metric and are unaware of the annotation on one of the building-block metrics. 


Why is this feature important to you - I think this would provide context to any abnormalities seen using calculated metrics, especially to those who aren't in the data everyday. 


How would you like the feature to work - I would like annotations to show up for Calculated Metrics based on the building-blocks of said calculated metric. For example,  I have a calculated metric of "Room Nights per Order" (room nights / orders) that showed a historical dip with no annotation available. I added in the metrics Room Nights and Orders on their own to the table, and once added the annotations explaining the historical dip appeared as expected. I think an annotation should automatically come up if a calculated metric is using a metric that has an annotation. 


Current Behaviour - Currently, calculated metrics don't show an annotation unless it is specified for that exact metric.