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ericmatisoff Is there a way to count the number of characters of a dimension in workspace?  I have a truncation issue where order IDs are being truncated, so I'd like to filter the report by character length of our confirmation number evar in order to display the true number of orders not effected by the truncation.  Right now I am having to export the data from data warehouse into excel, but now my Workspace dashboard is invalid for stakeholders.  A length function within segments or calculated metrics would be great.  Maybe I'm the only one with this need.  Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. Thank you

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Unfortunately I'm not aware of a way to do this in a calculated metric. It's an interesting idea though!

In the meantime, you could consider creating a Classification based on your Excel work in order to re-import the data back into Workspace. Not ideal obviously, but an option to at least get your analysis back to your Adobe users.




just an idea: use classification and check with „regex“ for lenght, classify for „truncated or not“. then you can use a segment and „approx count distict“ to get the numbers.

but would love to have a solution „out of the box„