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Analysis Workspace - Ignored Hit Dimension and Metric


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Description - There are several reasons why Adobe will ignore a hit going to Adobe Analytics, although it is still billed to the client.  I would like to see as a dimension and metric that mentions why it was ignored and a count.  This way, we can use alerts to notify when there is a significant increase in ignored hits, indicating that something has gone wrong.  For example, an ignored hit is when Analytics is received before Target as this is classified as incomplete data.  


Why is this feature important to you -  We have had an impact in data quality due to hits being ignored when it included our campaign data.  This is currently only available in the Data Feeds, which makes it harder to do trend analysis on this information.  


How would you like the feature to work -  There will be a new dimension for "exclude hit reason" and a metric for "exclude hit instances" within Analysis Workspace.  Could be a new template that is dragged on and shows the information if it makes it easier.  


Current Behaviour -  Currently - this information is not made available in Adobe Analytics - only in Data Feeds where it is not very useful.