Analysis Workspace- ability to bring in non-omniture data into the dashboard




If Analysis workspace can have the ability to import data from excel or other databases, so I can directly display in the dashboard. This will be a big win for the analysts. Right now, I have the site performance data in Analysis workspace showing the trends that business wants to know. What is missing is the 'projected growth' which usually lives in some excel maintained by another team. Also, the 'spend$' lives in another excel. If I can marry all the 3 components- acutal, projects, spend, etc. that would be huge.

This will heavily decrease if not eliminate, the usage of yet another visualization tool like Tableau to do such reporting. The development process of taking data out of omniture, putting it into some sql database, making the connections in tableau and charting it, takes weeks. All this burden could be eliminated.

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Something we are definitely looking very seriously at. Thanks for submitting this idea. 


P.S. What is this "Omniture" of which you speak? Smiley Happy



Absolutely great idea! Smiley Happy Glad to hear Ben & co are considering this one too.