allow scheduling of ReportBuilder reports with links to local external data sources



We have a distributed set of global marketing managers maintaining lists of campaign codes on our internal sharepoint site.  These managers do not have the experience with Sitecatalyst SAINT to upload translation tables manually and we have not yet created a tracking tool with automated SAINT updates. Instead we host the translation excel sheets on sharepoint and use external data sources in excel to populate the translations in the report.   The ReportBuilder template then just needs to pull in the campaign codes and the metrics.  From there we use a vlookup  function on the data pulled in through the external data source hosted on the local sharepoint to translate into the campaign meta data.


This all works if we refresh the report manually but, unfortunately, reports with external data source links fail when sent through the reportbuilder scheduler.  So we cannot automate report delivery.  The external data source is not needed for the template and only refreshes once the local recipient opens the sheet.  It would be a great addition to reportbuilder capabilities and an alternative solution to SAINT for companies with large global teams with varying levels of SiteCatalyst experience.




Rob Angley

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Hi Rob,


If this is still an issue, can you contact your Adobe client care representative, and provides him with a workbook affected by this.

We can then analyse in more details why it fails to deliver when scheduled.


Thank you,


Guillaume Escarguel