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Allow other classification columns in Workspace with SAINT key reports


Level 2


Sometimes I'd like to have breakdowns of Saint classifications in a report but I don't want all the rows of same data.  Example below deal with products, but this could apply to all SAINTS.

For example, if I have a product report showing visits, I'd like to also show some of the classifications.  For example, some folks like the product number while others want the description.  It would make the report easier to read and would allow for more dynamic sorting.  If you had a product type in the report you could sort on that then visits and still have the product number.

Example is below.  This would really only work with the key since there's a guaranteed one-to-one relationship.

Product NumberProduct NameVisits
ABC1Green shoes25
ABC2Red Shoes10
XYZUgly Shoes2

What I'd get currently:

Product NumberVisits
      Green Shoes25
       Red Shoes10