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Allow for filtered views / segmented report suites


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We would like to be able to take a report suite that is already collecting data, combine it with a segment, and create a new report suite/alias. In other words, we would like to filter the data that goes into one report suite, using a segment, and create a filtered view. This would be similar to functionality that exists for Google Analytics.

This would help in the following situations:

  • Filtering out "bad data" that can't be retroactively removed, but can be segmented out.  (it's a pain to communicate issues out to all colleagues, and introduces usability issues when we ask everyone to remember to segment the bad data out, but if we could globally modify the data that gets segmented into a view, we can seamlessly fix it.)
  • Restricting access for certain users to only the data they need- such as a publishing partner or sales rep who should only be able to access data on their titles  (without having to use the API and a BI tool to recreate all of Adobe's basic reporting functionality)
  • When we want to split a property up into "microsites." The current solution, roll-up report suites, cost extra pixels, involve technical work, and don't give retroactive filtering.

And, of course, they should show up where "views" of report suites do such as in the report suite selector, and allow us to assign user permissions only to the filtered view.