Allow alerts to check values 2 or 3 hours prior.



Due to latency, setting an alert to check a value at end of hour is essentially useless in SiteCatalyst v15.


All values are likely to be zero at the end of an hour.


Therefore alerts should be allowed to check value changes 2 or 3 hours prior, to account for the new processing time.




An alert, which:

  1. Checks page views at the end of each "current hour - 3 hours" (i.e., three hours prior.)
  2. If Value % Changes By (%) 50
  3. Send email to:


With Hourly Page Views of:

  • 9a: 10,000
  • 10a: 4,000

I should receive an e-mail alert at 1p, indicating the >50% change between the 9a & 10a hour.

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Ideally, SiteCatalyst should know how lagged the data is and the alerts should occur proactively once data becomes available.