Alerts + publishing lists = alerting the right people at the right time



I really like the idea of publishing lists for emailing reports, but where they would be really useful is in our automated alerts emails.


It's rare that we have just one person organizationally acting on any alert, and more likely that it may go to different people. 


For instance, we may have a bunch of alerts set up to find technical issues, and send those alerts out just to a group of developers. Instead of editing the email recipients one-by-one, I would like to manage one list to get those reports.


Similarly, we have many sales and marketing colleagues who are only concerned with specific products. We would like to automate alerts based on the product, so that when one product is suddenly popular on social media, the appropriate colleagues get alerts. 


(What would be even better would be to pair mailing lists up with specific segments, so we can write one alert, and if it triggers in any specific segment, it goes to the intended recipients.)