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Most websites do not have consistent traffic levels throughout the week.  I would like to see more than just Day, Week and Month options for setting Alerts.  For example, If I could set Alerts based on Mondays only I could include very specific parameters in which to judge when I should be notified.  Even an option for "Weekdays" would make Alerts somewhat usable for my company.  As is, because traffic changes dramatically from weekends to weekdays Alerts are sent out when there isn't really an issue, just the normal day of week trend.  Setting Alerts by Week often results in an Alert to an issue that is already several days old, which negates it's the value to me.    

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This would be very helpful.  I would like to see an "Advanced Alert Options" menu with day or hour specific values.  This would give the analyst a much more accurate and quicker alerting system.  For instance if traffic regularly differs from weekday to weekend, the analyst would not have to use an entire "Week" alert, it could be manage to be per day or simply weekday vs. weekend.  I have seen a few different threads that have mentioned the same type of advanced options.  Please Implement.