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Adobe Analytics Tableau Direct Connector


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With the existing Data Warehouse Tableau export functionality, there are several limitations (e.g., length of time to export, gap in measures available, etc.).

My proposal is to implement an Adobe Analytics Tableau Direct Connector. This will allow Adobe Analytics customers to increase agility with reporting and allow resources to be shifted from reporting to more time spent analyzing and recommending actions based on the data.



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Is this still in the works for 2018?  The limitations of the API (only 4 dimensions plus date, 50,000 row limit, etc.), make even a fine connector like Cognetik's useful only to a point.


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I haven't heard anything otherwise. Our product manager is currently out on extended leave, so I'll be sure to follow up with them when they're back next month.


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Any additional updates for this one?

Also, with the introduction of the Analytics API 2.0 , will there be any guides to using that along with Tableau / R / SAS / etc?  It would be really nice to have an official end-to-end example guide (extremely beneficial when trying to setup an initial proof-of-concept to sell to upper mgmt if 1st party or clients if 3rd party).


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This would be great. Not sure why it doesn't already exist as Adobe does not have amazing dashboard products. Help us do better work, Adobe!


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The Experience Query Service will have a native Tableau integration. Keep an eye out for announcements in the coming months!


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hey everyone,

The company I work for (Daexus) released a free web data connector for Adobe Analytics in Tableau.

The tool is ultra secure, only runs on your computer and  it's free.

I'm happy to answer your questions or you could just visit our website to get the connector link and access it in Tableau. Would love if you could all give it a try and send us your feedback!