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Adding a function to improve A4T


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When creating a custom metric, there is a list of ~50 functions available. Each function requires for the user to input their variables.
Example below with the T-Test function, where the user has to enter the metric, the degrees and the tails.




We would like for the Confidence level and Lift to be added as functions as well, where the variables would be:

  • Segment Control
  • Segment Experience 1
  • Metric (allowing a custom metric)

(We would be happy to provide a formula behind these two functions.)

Why would it make it easier?

  • Instead of having to modify directly a tedious formula, which leaves room for errors, the user would simply need to drag and drop the segments and metrics
  • The time spent on configuring the metrics needed for the test would be reduced considerably, and would make it very likely to be used by any level of users
  • This would allow to get the Confidence level and Lift regardless of whether it’s an existing metric or a custom metric, which the new A4T panel doesn’t provide
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Agree on wanting a similar feature! We currently manually create a calculated metric for each A/B test for segments applied to our success metrics (e.g. a car insurance purchase instead of a generic purchase) which can be very tedious.