Add "Receiving Data" column to variable lists in Admin Console



Wouldn't it be nice to quickly see whether or not a specific variable has received data within the last 30 days? Sure I can drill into every single report in each report suite to confirm this, but that'd take way too many hours. Would love to see a little checkbox next to the variable listing in the Admin Console. Could save a lot of time!

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Is 30 days the period you would want? (I'm sure the answer is, "let us choose!" but that's not why I'm asking.) Let's say it can't be choice. How far back do you need to go to be comfortable that a variable is or is not collecting data?



haha - of course the answer is 'let us choose!'


But to me, that honestly seems unnecessary. IMHO 30 days is a good timeframe. If a specific variable hasn't been populated in the last 30 days, then it's a variable worth digging into.


Is the reason that the variable isn't getting populated because it was removed from the tag?

Or is it simply that no visitors are performing the action that populates this variable?


Either way, it's worth checking into.





The only other timeframe that I might be interested in seeing is the ability to switch to a 24-hour timeframe. This would be good for times when new Omniture solutions are deployed.


I still think 30 days would be good enough if giving us the ability to change the timeframe is difficult.



What a sensational idea! Really really good one.


Alternative approach might be to have a default dashboard available with _every_ report in it...



Thanks Simon - Not every day that my ideas are considered "sensational!" 😃


I like the idea of a default dashboard with every report in it too. Unfortunately, we'd have to create it once for every company account. Would love to create an iMacros script that does this for me!