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Add Bounce Rate to Mobile reports & Bounces/Rate to GeoSegmentation & Referrer Reports in SC v15


Level 9


- Bounces AND Bounce Rate are available in:
Site Content Reports, Custom Conversion Reports, Custom Traffic Reports, Traffic Sources Reports, Campaign Reports, Technology Reports, Marketing Channel Reports, Visitor Profile Reports (except Geo)

- Neither Bounces NOR Bounce Rate are available in:
GeoSegmentation Reports, Visitor Retention Reports, Referrers Report, Referrer Types Report

Bounces but not Bounce Rate is available in:
Mobile Reports

Seems to me that adding Bounce Rate to the Mobile Reports is fixing a bug (I can see an engineer slapping his forehead because he forgot to turn that on). I realize it can be added as a calculated metric, but this seems unnecessary.

Adding these metrics to the Geo and Referrer reports seems like a no-brainer as well.